AHP Managers’ Meeting


AHP Managers Meeting_AHP RAP 2023-2030 – [Link]

AHP Managers Meeting_Results of the Review of the RAP – [Link]

Country Reporting

Brunei Darussalam – [Link]

Cambodia – [Link]

Indonesia – [Link]

LAO PDR – [Link]

Malaysia – [Link]

Country Reporting

Myanmar – [Link]

Philippines – [Link]

Singapore – [Link]

Thailand – [Link]

Viet Nam- [Link]

Session Presentations

Session 1

Adaptive Management of Kinabalu Park – [Link]

AHPs Good Practices – Mt Iglit Baco – [Link]

Biodiversity, zoonotic diseases and nature based solutions – [Link]

Protected Areas, Human Health, and Preventing Future Pandemics- [Link]

Integration of One Health Initiative – [Link]

Managing Parks for People and Biodiversity – [Link]

Marine AHPs Good Practices – [Link]

Session 2

Rethinking PA finance in a post-pandemic world – [Link]

Narrowing Financing Gaps – [Link]

Introduction to Ecological Fiscal Transfer for Biodiversity Conservation – [Link]

Sustainable Financing for
Protected Areas in Myanmar- [Link]

Green SUKUK and Innovative Financing for Protected Areas- [Link]

Business Plan for Endau Rompin Johor National Park – [Link]

The Case of Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary, Philippines  – [Link]

Session 3

Lessons Learned from Tarutao National Park Thailand – [Link]

METT in ASEAN Looking Forward to Post 2020 GBF – [Link]

Analyzing the IUCN Green List and the ASEAN Heritage Parks Standards – [Link]

METT in assessing large scale PA Malaysia – [Link]

Multidimensional Indicators for PA Management – [Link]

SMART and METT for Effective PA Management Indonesia – [Link]

Session 4

Culture and Role of Traditional and Local Communities – [Link]

The Role of Local Communities in Biodiversity Conservation – [Link]

Women in PA Management- [Link]

Ecotourism Engagement in Way Kambas National Park – [Link]

Women and Youth in Conservation – [Link]

Session 5

Role of Business Sector in Pandemic Recovery and in the Post-2020 GBF – [Link]

Impacts of COVID 19 Pandemic and Recovery Plans of PHL AHPs – [Link]

Private Sector Investment in Pandemic Recovery Plans – [Link]

Sustainable Tourism in Gunung Mulu National Park- [Link]

New Normal Ecotourism in Indonesia – [Link]

Session 6

Status, Challenges and Opportunities of NBS in AHPs – [Link]

Ensuring Environmental and Social Safeguards – [Link]

Ba Be National Park Presentation – [Link]

Nature-based Solution in Singapore  – [Link]

Maximizing Ecosystem Services and Conservation through Bioprospecting – [Link]


8th SAC Meeting

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