Blessed with a tropical climate, Indonesia has an extremely high level of biodiversity, and endemicity, and becomes world’s top three of biodiversity richness with Brazil and Colombia. Approximately, 720 mammalian species (13 percent of total global species), 1,605 bird species (16 percent of total global species), and bird species richness which is 1,812 species have been recorded in 2016. In addition, Indonesia accounts 6% amphibian species, 18% percent reptilian species, 11% butterfly species, and 8% plant species of the entire global species.  This natural richness peacefully inhabits at 560 units of conservation areas with a total area of more than 27 million hectares including 55 National Parks, over 200 nature reserves, and nature tourism park where managed by the Directorate General of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation under the Ministry of Environment of Forestry.

2022 is the year of recovery and collectively arching the endless harmony with nature. With the spirit of “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”, therefore, Indonesia, through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and The Provincial Government of West Java, has the honor to welcome delegates from ASEAN Members States to the 7th ASEAN Heritage Parks Conference at the City of Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Indonesia proudly hosts the conference at the City of Bogor-West Java known as the “Rain City” presenting the tropical rainforest atmosphere, tranquilness, and mind healing from the harmony of nature.








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