This year’s AHP Managers Meeting will not just serve as a platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices among the AHP managers but also a venue for the consultation of the AHP Managers and AHP Committee on the post-2020 Regional Action Plan (RAP). The Meeting will also seek inputs in identifying the most appropriate monitoring system that will be adopted by the AHP Programme.

The previous AHP Managers Meeting was held at the Sixth AHP Conference held on 21 October 2019 in Lao PDR. The Meeting convened the AHP Committee members, managers, and park superintendents of the then only 49 AHPs. The AHP Managers Meeting is an opportunity to present the accomplishments of each AMS on the management of their respective AHPs vis-à-vis the goals and strategies in the AHP RAP.

This meeting aims to:

-Showcase lessons learned and best practices of AHPs on implementing their management plans in relation to the RAP;

-Determine priority plans and projects in line with the post-2020 Regional Action Plan and other emerging developments; and  

-Identify reporting and monitoring mechanisms that will improve the AHP Programme monitoring and implementation

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